About Me

I’m a child of two continents and cultures, which has given me a deep curiosity about the world and a desire to learn.

My first inkling that not all are treated equal – because of the narratives of those in power - came when I was about 16 years old visiting a market in the city in Europe I was living in at the time. I wanted to purchase something from one of the antique stalls and noticed the way the seller avoided me. Not until I saw the concentration camp tattoo on her wrist did I understand why a vivacious blonde girl might make her uncomfortable.

It was my first realization of the value of stories to do more than just entertain. Stories can help us understand the world around us, or tear it down. There is tremendous power in a well-spun story.

After that experience, I sought to learn more. I wanted to know the why and how. I read broadly and deeply. And when the information threatened to overwhelm me, I retreated to comic books: Tintin for example, or Batman.

I read myths, legends, science fiction, historical fiction, non-fiction, mysteries and adventure stories. All to understand who we are and where I might fit in.

I also learned to truly listen. To gather the stories that others shared with me, stories they needed to tell. I became a collector of stories which is what you’ll see reflected in my historical fiction. But I also learned about behaviors and motivations, which is reflected in both my historical and my contemporary writings.

My formal education includes a degree in Arts Management, Administration and Policy, but my real education has been life and stories gathered on my travels.

Contact: elynnh2write (at)