Writing for Business

After many years of writing grants for non-profits as well as the follow up reports and case studies, I have branched out into proposal writing, annual report writing, MarCom and PR, and general business writing. This also includes taking highly technical material and ‘translating’ it for the lay-reader into a useful document, or users guide. 

Every piece of writing, whether for profit, non-profit, fiction or non-fiction is designed to elicit a response in the reader. That is where I excel; in writing that elicits a response or understanding; clear, uncluttered and solid.  
What do you want to accomplish and how do you want to present your organization to the outside world? Allow me to help you craft that message. 

A detailed overview of my skill set can be found on Linkedin.com. (Link)
Contact me at elynnh2write (at) gmail.com, to discuss your business writing, ghostwriting or translation-localization needs and how I can be of service to your organization. 

My hourly rate is $42.- an hour. 

For big projects we can work out a flat project fee.