March/April Book Review

A little late for March and a little early for April, but life’s been busy and reading has had to take a backseat in recent weeks, but I did manage to finish one book in my towering stack:
The Rook by Daniel O’Malley.
A thrilling debut novel.

Imagine waking up in the rain, on muddy ground in a London park surrounded by bodies all wearing latex gloves. You have no memory of what happened or even of who you are. A letter in your pocket explains in only the barest details who you are and what you should do next.

You make your way to a very comfortable hotel and assess the damage to the body you woke up in; it’s badly bruised and you have some serious black eyes.

Your options are to run away and hide, assuming an identity different from the one this body had, or continue on as Myfanwy Thomas, a highly placed administrative operative in an incredibly secret organization dedicated to protecting England, and the world, from the supernatural.

Myfanwy chooses to continue on, in part to learn who has tried to kill her. Along her journey of discovery we meet one personality inhabiting four bodies, a woman who can enter your dreams, children transformed into highly efficient fighters, and many more fantastical beings, as well as an old threat to the country reborn: laboratory created people with terrifying special abilities.

Myfanwy has to learn quickly who she was, and who she now wants to be, as well as how to effectively use her own awesome powers.

This novel has a very satisfying and suspenseful tale to tell and a very inventive cast of characters ranging from good to evil and the many shades in between. It seemed totally believable to me that such an organization as theirs would exist and I was hooked from the first page. Besides, somebody has to deal with all those vampires unleashed in recent publishing history.

No word yet on when a sequel might come out, though one has been planned and presumably is in the works.