Fall coupon for e-books and stories

I just received word from my editor that Kobo (http://www.kobobooks.com) is offering a coupon code that is good for the entire month that will give readers 50% off their purchase. That means that every single title by Untreed Reads and all of its distribution clients can be purchased at 50% off with the code, and there is no limit to the number of titles that can be purchased. See below. This is too good not to share!

This would be a great time to try out some short stories for around 50 cents each. A great way to try a new author, or to get my short story "The Fountain Pen" as this may be your last chance to get it. It will get rolled into my novella "Tales from the Fountain Pen" in a few weeks time.  

This special Kobo sale is great for a number of reasons:
1. All books purchased through Kobo are EPUBs, meaning they can be read on every single device or computer in the world except for a Kindle or the Kindle app.

2. Kobo has its own free app for all reading devices and computers. My editor has it installed on his Mac,  iPad, Galaxy S3 and  Barnes and Noble Nook!

3. Readers from around the world can buy from Kobo! 

4. Kobo has a program that supports your local bookstores and enables your local brick-and-mortar to sell ebooks and stay open.

Please consider purchasing through the link below so Untreed Reads can track sales of items they publish (for a complete listing of their books and stories, go to Untreed Reads). 
Please use the following URL for the sale: http://bit.ly/16iK9An
and use coupon code Sept50

Thank you and happy September reading!
(next posts won't use the word 'great' quite so much, I promise, but the idea of selling one of my stories and having it read by someone is still very cool!)