Moving and Stress

My new workspace 

I'm still in the middle of this move, which is keeping my writing from being written, my blog from being blogged, and my laundry from being laundered... okay, you didn't need to know that.

After a physically grueling weekend of carrying heavy things to and from a truck I managed to translate a small article this morning that tells me of the benefits of stress. It had some well-reasoned arguments about how stress boosts certain hormones that then help you have a burst of creativity, or how it can help you find solutions more easily. Though it did warn that there should be balance with that stress so you don't overload on that cortisone hormone that's released. Endorphins sound much more fun right about now.

Anyway, in a bit of good news, my screenplay client is very happy with two-thirds of the screenplay. He admits that perhaps he rushed me a tad toward the end there.... and there was that move, too!

Now we can get to work on polishing it up to the point where he can go out and pitch it, which is what he really wants to do.

And in other news, I have received some very good and useful editorial feedback on that first chapter of "Out in the Dark". Maybe next week I'll post chapter 2.
The cat is helping with my work