The Seduction of a Pen-Name

I’ve given this much thought and even researched some of my favorite authors who use pen-names (you’d be amazed how many do), and I’ve come to the following conclusion:

A pen-name is a good thing. 

Let me explain my thinking. 

My name as you see it on this blog comes with baggage, it has emotions and expectations attached to it and it has a history; the history of my life, family, friends, experiences, etc. It comes with a its own framework, lives within its own framework. 

A pen-name on the other hand is blank. I create the persona, I create the framework, the characteristics and attitudes. Similar to creating a character in one of my books. By creating a pen-name I free myself from people I know, experiences I’ve had and my own background. I get to completely recreate who I am as a writer. 

I can write in a different genre and not get pigeonholed into a place that becomes too limited. It allows me to explore different genres, themes and ideas. 

But the best part, aside from the sense of liberation, is that I can write without my ego getting in the way. My identity and ego are put aside when I write under a different name; nothing gets in the way of pure, limitless, writing.

I’ll let you know when my other persona publishes her first book!