Sit - Stand - Walk

Since my dog passed away I’ve found myself sitting more and walking less. This is not good for anyone, and certainly not for a writer. We have a tendency toward recluse already, however we need the stimulation the natural world brings to inform and enhance our writing. 

So I started walking again, but it’s not as much fun by myself. I noticed things and puzzled out plot points and let my brain expand, but something was definitely missing. A dog! 
Trying to walk one of my cats on a leash was never going to be an option. 

At this time I’m not able to adopt another one just yet - but believe me, the temptation is tremendous - so I did the next best thing: Got hired on as a part time dog-walker through a pet care service. Now I walk a dog every day, meet different dogs who each have their own personalities, and I get away from my desk for a couple hours to stretch my legs and think through stories I’m working on. 

Problem solved. Recluse no more. 

And speaking of stories, the one I put up for sale on my website is selling quite well all over the world. Initial feedback I’m getting from readers is that they like it a lot. 

Next month I’ll add another story, in a different genre. That’s the beauty of short stories, you get to play with different ideas on a smaller canvas. 

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