Calling it Research, but really …

In less than a week the moving truck will have picked up all my stuff – books mostly – and my son’s computers and books, and then a few days after that we both load up the car and head out to Colorado.

A new beginning for both of us.

But, and here’s where research comes in, I will be driving along some of the roads I will have my characters in the sequel to Out in theDark (by Nicola Adams) driving on as they try to turn to tables on the rogue group, bent on doing harm to innocents, that we met in the first book.

It’s not the first time I’ve driven my character’s road and that time too it helped me get deeper into the character and what he had to deal with. The same with my WWII novella, Tales from the Fountain Pen, on site research makes a difference. 

I’m hoping this 3-day long road trip, with a cat and a teenager, will give me more sensory details to put in the second book. To make Jake’s journey seem that much more real to you, the reader. Although I’d rather not have adventures like he will, my psychic/remote viewing skills are not even close to what his are.

We also won’t be driving a super cool vintage muscle car, but that’s okay …  maybe for book 3?

I’d love to blog from the road, but I don’t think that will be practical this time around. I’ll sign off for now to finish packing and probably won’t blog again until I’m set up in Colorado.

In the meantime, please feel free to pick up a copy of Out in the Dark, leave a review and spread the word. You might be surprised how relevant this story is to today’s tumultuous world. And reviews help build an author's success.
I look forward to reading what you think of it.
Thank you!