After some small success in publishing and a break due to, well, life, I’ve refilled my pen and am branching out into Mysteries and Thrillers. Historical fiction will also still be something I write.

Currently, I am querying “The Turning of the Page”. A murder mystery in the tradition of amateur sleuths first established by Agatha Christie. 

Ernestine Rasmussen (Ernie to her friends) has committed herself to taking over the old and established family publishing company and giving up her dream of becoming an FBI agent. But, instead of slowly learning the business from the ground up, she’s thrust into the role of company CEO when her uncle is found murdered. When a pushy freelance editor mentions how she should just sell the business because she can’t possible run it anyway and she finds threatening query letters, she suspects that she might be next on the murderer’s list. She has few clues aside from the anonymous query letters, an incompetent receptionist who’s skimming the accounts, the overbearing bully of a freelance editor, and her estranged cousin from Australia, whose arrival is suspicious, to say the least. 

The detective assigned to the case doesn’t take her seriously and talks to her in a way that makes her blood boil.  One of her best friends has just quit his dream job at the CDC and is couch surfing at her place, while her other best friend is busy auditioning for a part in Motown on Broadway.  To top it off, her mother is coming. Ernie needs to prove she can keep the doors open at Capricorn Publishing. Failure would mean she’s let her whole family down.

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