I’m branching out into Mysteries and Thrillers.

Currently, I am querying “The Turning of the Page”. A murder mystery in the tradition of amateur sleuths first established by Agatha Christie. 

Meet Ernestine Longthorpe, saddled with that family name which means she has to go into the family publishing business. With resigned determination she gives up on her dream of being an FBI agent and trudges into week two. But when she finds her uncle murdered and a threatening query letter as her first clue, she knows she has to prove that she can solve the murder before the detective. One added challenge is that the noise of the city at times threatens to drown her. And, why does everyone think the detective is so cute? Aided by her two best friends from Seattle - an aspiring Broadway diva and a gorgeous but painfully shy doctor who's run away from his CDC job - and a stray calico, she is determined to catch a killer. 

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