Nicola Adams - Nicky Adams

Paranormal and Science Fiction for Young Adult

Under the pen name Nicola Adams, I write Paranormal and Science Fiction Young Adult fiction (sometimes also known as New Adult, depending on the age of the protagonist). Stories involving low level psychic activity/ability or set in a future time.

High school should be a time to discover who you are and where you might fit into the whole, but more often it’s a time of anxiety, feeling left out, and stress. As Nicola I write for those kids who feel different, outside of the norm, and often have extraordinary obstacles to overcome in finding acceptance either within a group or within themselves.

Out In the Dark is the first book in the Psychic Warrior Series. 

Out in the Dark



Jake’s father is one of a group of psychic warriors from a CIA/Stanford University project designed to train people in “remote viewing,” but he's been taken by a rogue unit with more sinister plans for his skills. Now, seventeen-year-old Jake must set out on a journey to rescue his father. Jake doesn't know where his father is, and his only clues are the flashes of images he gets in his mind. Taking his father's vintage 1966 Pontiac GTO, Jake sets out across the Cascades from Washington, to Nevada. Along the way he picks up Shelley, a girl scarred by poverty and who has had to do some pretty unpleasant things to get together enough money to go to college. He was only going to give her a lift to Nevada, but soon they're both running for their lives.

 “A fast-paced roller coaster adventure for a daring young man, trying to save his father’s life.” Lynne Kennedy, author of Pure Lies

“Following secret government psychic experiments, Jake needs all the help he can get to save his father. The psychic link helps him … mostly! Stephen King needs to watch out!” Richard Hardie author of the Temporal Detective Agency series.

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